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WHAT IS PerformanceWise?


PerformanceWise is a cutting edge operational support tool that allows field staff to focus their franchisees on specific game changing behaviors. This is done through flexible and company designed iPad enabled inspection forms which use a scoring system of what is expected, what needs improvement, and in what time frame the changes must be made. Franchisee visits are now effective operational inspections that leave behind a graphically concise guide on how to improve and what kind of followup is needed to improve behaviors that will result in better performance.
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WHY CREATE PerformanceWise?


Franchisor surveys have consistently shown that the competitive market of today creates a common theme of issues that must be dealt with. They tell us certain facts such as: the majority of franchise locations are visited annually, they are communicated with normally on a bi-weekly to monthly basis, and most franchisors do not have a system in place to monitor franchisee execution. Prevalent issues franchisors must deal with are: increasing costs, franchisee success, effective field visits, knowing who is doing what and when, and franchisee turnover and litigation.


PerformanceWise is practical franchisee performance management software that will directly help franchisors with: reducing costs, guide franchisees to measurable success, deliver effective field visits, enable management to easily keep tabs on all progress and activities, reduce turnover through franchisee success, and retain all records for future reference in case of franchisee direction or for litigation proof.


We have created a practical franchisee performance management software that will directly help franchisors to reduce costs, guide franchisees to measurable success through focused and meaningful tasks, deliver effective field visits, enable management to easily keep tabs on all progress and activities, reduce turnover through franchisee success and retain all records for future reference in the case of franchisee direction or litigation proof.

Give your field team the tools to:

  • Follow up tasks easily through outlook calendar sync
  • Communicate with franchisees quickly and easily one-on -one
  • Conduct physical and virtual visits
  • Track individual franchisee results, compliance and progress
  • Compare results across the system or from one inspection to another
  • Easily view entire system for visits scheduled and performed and results by field consultant
  • Deliver iPad enabled field inspections with automatically generated non-compliance tasks


  • Dynamic Performance Tracking Forms – Create iPad enabled compliance forms in minutes. Empower field consultants to track and measure franchisee compliance in real-time on their tablet or laptop.
  • Flexible Content – Forms can be created in single or multiple page format, creatively scored, divided by topic for Operations, Marketing, Sales, etc., containing tasks with pre-determined best practices.
  • Universal Application – PerformanceWise works effectively with all businesses because you design the forms. It applies equally to retail, service, education and food industries.
  • Task Management – Closed loop workflow with action plan for follow up tasks which sync to Outlook and Google calendars for notification.
  • Score Management – Assess each franchisee across different functional areas including operations, marketing, finance, cleanliness, safety etc. while delivering inspections in person or a virtual self-inspection using picture and attachment uploading capabilities.
  • Graphic Presentation – Inspections are delivered in graphic form for easy to communicate results in a logical format. Pictures can be taken onsite to insert into inspections, or best practice pictures can be downloaded to show “what good looks like”.
  • Performance Management – Track historical performance and generate reports across the system.
  • Communication – SmartConnect creates a one-on-one coaching portal between field consultants and franchisees available 24/7.
  • Management Oversight – Dashboards and reports clearly show visit progress, resulting scores and individual field consultant activity.
  • Versatility – all reports can be exported to excel or PDF for dissemination and manipulation
  • Seamless integration with other FranConnect modules – records are stored with FIM along with all other historical contacts and documents.
  • Total Support – Backed by FranConnect, the world leader in Franchise Management Systems working with over 500 brands and 75,000 franchise locations.


  • Lower costs – throw out the excel spreadsheets and hours of manual compilation. All inspections are automatically generated, stored and easily sorted. Visits can be physical or virtual.
  • Franchisees perform better – because they are focused on only what matters, given tasks with due dates and then compared to others to foster the competitive spirit.
  • Franchisees become accountable for their own business – the ultimate goal of any franchisor is to have their franchisees take responsibility for their own business and come to understand the balance of franchisor guidance and system compliance with their own ultimate responsibility of success or failure. PerformanceWise is constructed to have specific people accomplish specific tasks by pre-determined dates in order to maintain compliance and a “complete” inspection.
  • Field visits are effective and not wasted – each visit to a location has a set purpose, objectively measured and scored with immediate follow ups.
  • All inspections, tasks and results are easily displayed for all management – you can know by looking at one screen, what has been done, what is scheduled, results and any non-compliance issues that remain outstanding by franchisee or by field consultant.
  • Turnover Reduced – when franchisees perform better, become accountable and follow the system you are making a complete franchise system breeding success that people do not want to leave.
  • Litigation is minimized – inevitably all franchisors will face some type of litigation at some point in their life cycle. When that occurs, you will be asked to produce all visits, direction, follow up and corrective action undertaken to assure a franchisees success and fulfill the FDD. PerformanceWise retains the records of all visits and tasks by franchisee for your needed access and proof of support.
  • No worries about product creation and rollout – FranConnect backs you with hands on implementation, training, ongoing support and continual product development.
  • Increase franchise sales closing rates – be able to show prospects how you protect the trademark and guide franchisees to success and accountability. Validation by current franchisees will also improve as their results do.

Who Benefits from PerformanceWise and How?

  • Franchisees – Clearly understand what expectations are and feel that inspections are objectively delivered and scored because all inspections are delivered with the same automated tasks, best practices and comparative scoring. Performance is directly affected by task follow up and focus on practical changes to improve.
  • Field Staff – save time because they can now deliver inspections by simply clicking on the app on their tablet and scoring, while easily adding pictures taken on site directly into form for future reference. Increased credibility due to professional delivery, communications and franchisee results.
  • Franchisor Management – Can clearly track field performance by viewing all field activity accomplished and scheduled for the future as well as results broken out by franchisee, by field consultant, or by specific areas of the inspection.

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